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A good old trick always works on naive cash-loving chicks.Each of these 10-track collections sounds exactly like an album in its own right, stamped with the individual signature sound of each remixer.From the hard dance stylings of STUDIO-X, through the dark electro sounds of CYGNOSIC, TERROLOKAUST and DETROIT DIESEL, the innovative experimentation of DIE SEKTOR, VPROJEKT and DYM to the rock end of industrial with FREAKANGEL and CEDIGEST, this is a collection which runs the gamut of dark electronic musical styles, intentionally sequenced to either ebb and flow over one intense listening experience or to be pulled out and put on one disc at a time depending on day and mood. A 10CD collection encompassing the combined remix output for DWA to date by the diverse talents of DYM, DIE SEKTOR, VPROJEKT, CYGNOSIC, STUDIO-X, FREAKANGEL, TERROLOKAUST, CEDIGEST and DETROIT DIESEL – plus a 10th “bonus CD” celebrating some of the finest remixes submitted to us by less-regular collaborators such as AESTHETIC PERFECTION, THE MARCH VIOLETS, DULCE LIQUIDO, DISTORTED MEMORY and more. INVALID (DWD258) and the magazine CD (DWA279) – a shortfall of precisely 20 apparently unassigned catalogue numbers. In planning like “Digital World Agenda” for over a year, we present to you, crazed collectors and remix junkies, the ultimate in our limited edition CD sets to date.

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