Xquery updating function

Default namespace declarations now require the keyword If any expression (at any level) can be evaluated during the analysis phase (because all its explicit operands are known and it has no dependencies on the dynamic context), then any error in performing this evaluation may be reported as a static error.Some of the changes don't change the XQuery language itself, but clarify or improve the documents.

The full drafts can be found a the W3C's XML Query home page.

This article is my attempt to summarize the significant changes in the new drafts.

Note that there is no new version of either the specifications, which were released to Last Call in May.

In this example, a cts:triples call finds all triples with John_Doe in the subject position and replaces each occurrence with Jane_Roe:xquery version "1.0-ml"; import module namespace sem = " at "/Marklogic/semantics.xqy"; let $triples := cts:triples(sem:iri(" for $triple in $triples let $node := sem:database-nodes($triple) let $replace := Using the xdmp:node-replace function results in creating a new fragment and deleting the old fragment.

When the system performs a merge, the deleted fragments are removed permanently.

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