Xbox 360 not updating via usb Free live video chat no credit card payments

It is now possible to jailbreak for people to learn how to jailbreak on Xbox 360 with USB or Hard Drive Disc (HDD) with step by step.Our method requires only a USB or any internet or external HDD.

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To jailbreak your Xbox 360, you must first update your XBOX 360 firmware, then install third-party jailbreak software using a Windows-based computer.Access "System Settings" on your Xbox 360, located in the dashboard's "My Xbox" section. Notice a new screen appears prompting you to select your desired device.Select the "USB Storage Device" from the resulting devices list. Choose "Configure now" if you want all data erased from your USB flash drive and allot all available memory on the drive for Xbox 360 use.Choose "Customize" if you want to manually select how much storage space of the drive you want to allot for Xbox 360 use.Select the amount of drive space you would like to configure, then press "A."Choose "Yes," if you chose to "Configure now," to delete all data from the USB flash drive and begin the automatic configuration process.

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