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The fame she garnered didn’t achieve the lasting level of household infamy in white America as other reality villains like Omarosa Manigault or Simon Cowell.

She’s most famous now in GIF form — years of television appearances boiled down to one-second reaction shots that belie the complexity of the woman within them.

” Pollard screamed, collapsing into Bowie’s arms and wailing so loudly that the other contestants in the house heard her as they talked outside.“No! Pollard had mistakenly believed that Bowie was referring to their fellow housemate David Gest, who’d been ill and sleeping a lot during the filming of the series.

What followed was several minutes of cringe-inducing viral gold.“It just happened now,” Bowie said.“How? In a moment that of course became a GIF, Pollard’s eyes shifted in confusion, her mouth agape, as she seemingly tried to process how a reality show would allow a contestant with terminal cancer to compete.

The moment was blasted by critics who thought the show poorly handled the news of the singer’s death, with many people coming to Angie’s defense.

But the internet embraced the drama of it all, and all people could talk about was Pollard.“Does she get confused about which David is being talked about? “I think it’s something you can watch nonstop and never know the answer to — and that’s much like a work of art.”Harkins and Viviana Olen are the curators of THNK1994, a small Brooklyn museum paying homage to Pollard and her impact with the exhibition “David’s Dead: A Celebration of Tiffany Pollard,” which runs until June 11.

Images of Pollard have enjoyed a long relevance,” writes St.

When you get ready to take a shower and then you hear someone else get in …Her parents, Michell Patterson and Alex Pollard, are evangelist reverends, and distant aunts and uncles are pastors.Pollard says that she identifies as a priest, though she isn’t practicing.But it’s these GIFs that have also ensured Pollard remains relevant.When people want to express shade, disdain, shock, impatience, or simply their love for Beyoncé, it’s Pollard’s face that flashes across the screen.

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