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The rumors say he’s been very generous to Lohan, giving her lavish gifts and letting her fly around in his private jet, according to .

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Friends of Lindsay also claim that they have seen text messages exchanged between the couple in Lindsay’s phone. The rep of Lindsay Lohan who is now 33 has called all the rumors of her closeness to Mohammad bin Salman false.

The lovebirds were spotted dining together at the "Circle of Light" in the Russian capital, publicly confirming their relationship.

Yepifantseva, who also goes by her social media persona "Anna Phoenix", is now spending her time between the cities of London and Moscow, as well as her hometown of Dnepr in north-western Ukraine, where her mum, Svetlana, is Deputy Mayor.

The rep said that the couple has, only met once which was during the Formula One Grand Prix race one year back.

Lindsay Lohan’s rep also denied that Mohammad bin Salman gave her a credit card to spend money with.

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