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Cummins became suspicious that something bad had happened and tried to locate Miller.

A trip to Nashville, Tenn., where Jesse was living, in the winter of 1880-81, brought similar suspicions on Cummins, when he started asking too many questions.

One of the recruits to this new outfit was Ed Miller, whose brother Clell had been killed in the September 1876 Northfield raid.

Miller knew the Fords, and it was Miller who first brought Jesse to the Ford house, the Harbison place, outside the town of Richmond, in Missouri’s Ray County.

Upon returning to the house, the two men entered the living room.

“It’s an awfully hot day,” said Howard, pulling off his coat and vest and tossing them aside.

In the summer of 1880, Jesse and Miller had a falling out.

The couple now lived at the old Cummins place in Clay County, a few miles from the James farm.

When Jesse was sixteen, his brother has already joined the Confederate Army.

As his brother’s company lodged in Clay County, Missouri, Jesse took the opportunity to enlist in Taylor’s company.

Jesse James summary: Jesse Woodson James was born into a hard working family.

His parents lived in Clay County Missouri, where Jesse and his two full siblings were born.

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