Who is guy sebastian dating

You play through a scenario, for which you'll be given a score between A and D.

You're given a choice of archetype: Sebastian is standing on the boardwalk. He says he's anxious around other people, but he doesn't feel that way when he's with you.

Robin leaves the room, and Sebastian expresses his irritation that nobody takes his job seriously.

You see Sebastian working on a motorcycle in the garage at his house.

Furthermore, if married to Maru, she may sometimes say she "wishes her brother would just ask Abigail out".

If married to Sam, he'll sometimes ask if you "think Sebastian and Abigail will ever hook up".

When he finishes, he mentions that he's a programmer and is working on a project for a client.

There's a notification on his computer, and Sebastian explains that it's Sam asking to hang out, but he would rather not go out.

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Sebastian asks whether Robin told her that he was working, and Robin says yes, but Abigail decided that she would probably stop by anyway.

Sebastian lives with his mother, Robin, along with his step-dad Demetrius and half-sister Maru. He feels that Maru is treated better than he is, and during Winter will talk about building a snow-goon that Demetrius demands he removes; he will then angrily question what his step-father's problem is.

Sebastian is good friends with Sam; the two can be found hanging out at Sam's house or at The Stardrop Saloon playing pool.

He tends to get deeply absorbed in computer games, comic books, and sci-fi novels, and will sometimes spend great lengths of time pursuing these hobbies alone in his room.

He can be a bit unfriendly to people he doesn’t know.

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