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Meanwhile Melissa’s new girlfriend might create a sitcom in which Melissa will star: Linda is planning to write a sitcom for Melissa, described as a reverse “Will & Grace,” where the singer would portray a gay teacher living with a straight man.And the pair want to collaborate on a musical play that Linda is developing., print edition] We haven’t heard much lately about Melissa and Tammy’s court battle for custody and support.“Now she’s taken Tammy’s place.”, print edition, January 24, 2011] So did Melissa wait until she ended things with Tammy before taking up with their mutual friend?From the way Tammy explained Melissa’s behavior before their split, it’s doubtful."Linda and I had a great birthday yesterday," wrote Melisa on Twitter with a photo of the couple each with a birthday cake."Now, just a little rehearsal for something we will be doing tomorrow...💖." after the U. Supreme Court Supreme Court deemed the Defence of Marriage Act unconstitutional in 2013.When Tammy and Melissa exchanged wedding vows in 2003 in a lavish ceremony at Dick Clark’s Malibu estate, Linda was in the wedding party.

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Etheridge, who lives in Hidden Hills, Calif., had come to New York to promote her new album, “MEmphis Rock and Soul,” which she recorded in tribute to the city’s legendary Stax Records.“It’s just that I don’t know what they’re saying.“Mom,” Bailey Cypheridge, age 19, said with a chastising tone. A few minutes before the debate started, the television was tuned to CNN with the volume muted, while Ms. Cypheridge’s last name is a blend of those of her mothers: Ms. Together, the women also have a son, a high school senior. Cypher with a sperm donation from the musician David Crosby — “Bio Dad,” as the children call him. Etheridge was sitting on the couch in the Chelsea apartment originally rented by her wife, Linda Wallem, a creator of the Showtime series “Nurse Jackie.”This was her break during a long day bookended by a morning appearance on “Live With Kelly” and a late-night turn on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.” She was eating takeout from Cookshop, a neighborhood place, and watching the vice-presidential debate with Ms.Etheridge got her break in 1986 when Island Records signed her to sing for movie soundtracks.Although she produced several albums, it was not until her third and fourth albums that Etheridge reached musical stardom.

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