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Power button Use the power button to turn on or wake up the device, put your re Markable to sleep or turn it off.

How to: The durability of the marker tips will vary with writing technique and amount of usage.

You also choose templates right away when you open a new notebook, and can see your recently used templates here.

In this case, please make sure you dispose of or recycle the re Markable and its accessories according to local laws and regulations. Note Please make sure that you take the adequate steps to backup your data and/or reset your device before returning your re Markable.

Open Internet Explorer: Go to your favorite wallpapers web site or just Google the desired image.

Open it and then right click it in Internet Explorer.

Our best estimate for an average user is anywhere between three to seven weeks, hence, the 10 pen tips are likely to last between six months and upwards to 15 months depending on usage.

Setup Turn on your re Markable and follow the setup assistant on the device.

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