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It's an interesting concept but not always easy to press , a standard rocker key would have been better.On the right side of the KU990 are two dedicated camera keys and a switch to change modes.If you want to take relatively high-quality photos and videos then the KU990 is definitely worth checking out.Alongside the good camera, easy-to-use touchscreen interface and HSDPA (3.5G), we think LG has made one of its best phones yet.Seen this before in store i have a problem.after make a photo, appear a question if i want to send the question is how to make that doesn't appear this rest it is a wonderfull phone for all point of view.ON THIS PAGE YOU'LL FIND ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE LATEST DEVELOPMENTS IN THE WORLD OF TECHNOLOGY. On top of this, it has the ability to upload videos directly to You Tube and to shoot video at 120 frames per second, which allows you to slow it down and watch it in slow-motion DESIGNMany camera phones take good pictures but don't look that great themselves -- fortunately the LG KU990 Viewty is not an ugly camera phone.

It's doesn't beat the but it is comparable with a three-year old average standalone camera.In line with LG's latest and greatest handsets, the KU990 has an understated design that feels functional but also exudes a certain amount of class.It feels light but not plasticky and looks more like a high-end handset than the cheap LG phones we've seen in the past.but what annoyes me the most is that when you download and install application or games, and they need file-access, expect to be asked EVERY time for EVERY file-access for permissions! i am a user, and i paid for the damn thing, the least it can do for me is let me use it the way i want to use it, without the crappy big-brother control-freak attitude!don't think this nonsens is fixed with any of the availble rom-flashes (and none are available through LG directly - odd? alright, let's get to the "speed" of the device: it feels like 200mhz device, is laggy as hell, and file-access (for the files it can "see", anyway) is atrociously slow! if you want a REAL gadget, spend the extra and have a look at the HTC HD2, cause that's what i am getting in a coupple of days (it's on it's way ... ) however, if all you need is a smartphone check out some of those 'iphone-clones' (-0) from china, they're certainly better than any offerings from LG!

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