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And he, Volodin, in fact, will become another prime minister, since he will control the government.It is unlikely that Vladimir Putin will agree to become a prime minister under parliamentary control. Political analyst Yevgeny Minchenko believes that via the article Volodin is trying to improve his personal status and return to the top echelon of power: "In addition to the obvious request to increase the role of parliament [consultation upon forming a government], the article by State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin in the parliamentary journal makes an ideological claim. And this is much more important, because in fact it is an ideological alternative to the technocratic course of government.A new era creates new challenges and it is necessary to respond to them somewhat.

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We need to raise the quality of public administration."[2] Other commentators, however, reacted more critically to Volodin's initiative.

The basic constitutional norms and values are unchanged.

Other constitutional provisions can develop and adapt to modern times.

It might be an appropriate procedure, but it requires amending the Constitution.

"For representative power to be able to express an opinion to the head of state on the proposed composition of the Government as the body exercising executive power would correspond to the principles of a proper balance of power and would ensure a higher level of responsibility in the work of the members of the government.

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