Updating the canon powershot sx110

(By the end of summer, 2006.) In its current form, its just an ISO-12233 res chart with several other elements attached to it, covering portions of the target we don't generally use in our reviews.

I'm Josh Goldman, senior editor for CNET Reviews, and this is the Canon Power Shot SX110IS.

I'm Josh Goldman, and that's the Canon Power Shot SX110IS.

The proof is in the pictures, so let your own eyes decide which you like best! We're combining some of the elements from previous shots (Dave Box and Res Chart) into this and the "Multi Target" shot below, plus added a number of elements that are very revealing of various camera characteristics and foibles.

While reflective gray scales don't cover the full dynamic range of higher-end cameras, advanced readers may be interested in using the gray scale here to evaluate noise performance vs brightness level, and/or examine the shape of a camera's tone curve.

This is about as common a color standard as you can get these days, very widely available for only mildly exorbitant cost, and quite well controlled in its production.

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