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Green party co-leader Robert Habeck is touring eastern Germany ahead of crucial state elections.The region is rough terrain for the liberal Greens, far away from the urban centers where most of their supporters reside.Increased living costs and non-EU tuition fees are fueling concern among foreign students.They worry that higher costs could encourage exclusiveness and that Germany will no longer be a sought-after study destination.Once a year, the German government holds an open day in the capital.Visitors get an insight into Berlin's politics, from the chancellery to the ministries. The world’s biggest multifaith gathering is being held in the German town of Lindau, bringing together 800 delegates from more than 100 countries.

It's a rite of passage - almost like graduation or a wedding.

Their telephone call followed strained relations in recent weeks between Bolsonaro and Europe over combating wildfires in Brazil.

Bolsonaro said Europe has "nothing to teach" Brazil about preserving the environment.

As DW's Aya Ibrahim reports, the 2019 Religions for Peace assembly is placing special emphasis on young people.

Construction of the Berlin Wall began on August 13, 1961 – the same year birth control was introduced in Germany.

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