Updating enc charts dating norms in england

Through ENC Improver, a web-based feedback system, users of Norwegian ENCs can easily provide feedback on faults and deficiencies in the charts.All users who subscribe to Norwegian ENCs (who have an ENC license) will receive user access to ENC Improver through their supplier.All vessels above a stipulated size are required to navigate using official nautical charts, either in the form of approved and updated paper charts, or an approved ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display System).When used in an ECDIS system, ENCs can replace paper charts for navigation.Manufacturers of electronic charts for chartplotters often add practical information that may be useful to the recreational user, or information of a more commercial nature.

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has therefore not approved raster charts as equal to paper charts, but still permits use of raster data in ECDIS if there is no relevant ENC data for the area.ENCs are used for paperless navigation in an ECDIS.The ECDIS provides the navigator with a seamless presentation of the electronic charts with real-time positioning.Although suppliers of unofficial electronic charts can update the maps in line with the official charts, they are not bound to frequent updates.The regularity with which charts for chartplotters are updated will vary between suppliers.

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