Unknown error while updating ipod

STEP 3 When the firmware is downloaded successfully with stable network, the program will handle you case with repairing.

STEP 4 As the progressing bar goes to the ending, the screen will show you a sentence: Repair completed.

Usually simply disabling any third party firewall and antivirus software along with updating to a new version of i Tunes is sufficient to remedy the update error.

If the A more advanced solution is available for users who are comfortable using IPSW files and getting deeper into the weeds of i Tunes, essentially it’s two parts; removing the failed IPSW file and then re downloading a new one and using that to update the i Phone or i Pad.

Now, your phone may reboot but it will return to normal state.

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If after adding " gs.apple.com" to hosts file, i Tunes error 3194 still shows up or a new i Tunes error appears, you go back and add the "#" and a space ("# ") in front of the gs.entry. For example, if you see the line: Then save the hosts file and restart your computer.

i Tunes error 9006 may appear when attempting to download, restore, or update an i Phone or i Pad.

Typically you’ll see an i Tunes error message that states something like “There was a problem downloading software for the i Phone.

If you are not very clear what to do, you'd better turn to the experts for help.

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