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Gunwitch doesn't only give you techniques to use in-field but also some tips on how to make them work best.

He encourages you to use what works for you and, if you already use another method, you will not have to dump it to re-learn something new as his stuff will merge with your current skills and supercharge them.

It does that by putting things into perspective, like how you could expect to be rejected, but nothing about that rejection stops you from trying to get laid with a new woman, they're not going to see your track record, and you just don't know what's going on in a woman's life to say what a rejection means about you.

Gunwitch has an amazing ability to put things into perspective and has a solid grounding in reality.

He also dedicates a whole track to the learning process and emphasises the fact that you do have to approach a lot in order to improve.

No rejection-proof BS here although I didn't really get rejected while using his material (the worst interactions ended up in flakes).

The archive enhancements are generated automatically and there may be occasions where the visual cues don’t correlate exactly with the textual context; most of the time, though, the enhancements are pretty accurate.He gives you missions that build your skills in a step-by-step way.Some of the missions were really fun and challenging so I think newbies will enjoy the learning process. Bottom line: I'd recommend it to everyone willing to improve their game.Audio 2: Universal understandings (for beginners) Audio 3: Attention Audio 4: Immersion Audio 5: The science behind it all Audio 6: Key 1 social frame Audio 7: Key 2 emotional stimulation Audio 8: Key 3 sexual arousal and escalation Audio 9: Learning it all and extras I'll start off with the bad points: 1) it's not that cheap. 2) there's a lot of content and I would have liked if he had cut the program into smaller chunks as each track is 1h long.It would have been a little more practical as I like to listen several times to that kind of audio. Seduction MMA gives you really useful tools to improve your game.

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