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She then spent five months on Broadway from October 2002 through February 2003 playing Belle in Beauty and the Beast. In 2004, Sigler starred as "Hollywood Madam" Heidi Fleiss in the USA television movie Call Me: The Rise and Fall of Heidi Fleiss.

In that same year, she had her first starring feature film role, Extreme Dating, an independent film.

In 2005, Sigler starred in Love Wrecked and the following year in Homie Spumoni, when she played the role of Alli, the girlfriend of Renato/Leroy (Donald Faison) directed by Mike Cerron.

In 2008, Sigler appeared as herself in 13 episodes of the fifth and sixth season of the HBO series Entourage.

And teens of the 90's cast your minds back to one of your very first crushes. Re-live his one and only hit - episode, I am astounded to read about Jamie-Lynn Siegler's new man. Yep, the storyline has written itself into real life, with the duo now dating. Scott Fitzgerald, is about a man who is born in his eighties and ages backwards.

Who could forget those washboard abs and that sun-bleached hair - but what's Jeremy Jordan doing now? Let's hope, for Turtle's sake, the couple are also taking a flight sometime soon. Yes, the actor has transformed himself into a wrinkled, bald man for a starring role in the upcoming film . And there's also a love interest for this strange little man - in the form of our very own Cate Blanchett.

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Interested parties will have to hang out until Boxing Day to catch it in Australia.

Let's hope, for Turtle's sake, the couple are also taking a flight sometime soon.

Meanwhile, why would you go for Turtle (Jerry Ferrara), when Vinnie (aka Adrian Grenier) is available?! Good for Turtle, My girlfriend also has a thing for Turtle! From a male perspective, he is by far the more entertaining dude on the show...

In 2008, Sigler visited Israel through the Birthright Israel program and was moved by the trip, calling Israel "one of the most beautiful, inspiring places [she's] ever been to".

She said that the trip gave her a greater understanding of her Jewish ancestry.

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