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I think we can all agree that online dating is a veritable cesspool of trannies, catfish, prostitutes, bots, and women who look nothing like their pics.

I've seen posts on here where dudes claimed to bang shorty after shorty off online dating. I have multiple good looking friends who have experienced zero succcess on there.

if none of the pics were taken anywhere near your town/city (notwithstanding the ability to do a reverse image search).

Womens’ intuition tends to be more refined than men’s too.

One can get laid on online dating; however, it’s more than likely going to be with a girl noticeably worse looking. A man who can only “approach” via online and not through cold approach is in serious trouble.

The ROI of online dating is terrible, though your average socially inept dude who hasn’t left the house in a week likely is fine with that. But tbh the first pic in a tuxedo is good for facebook likes, but wont attract any women. But yea, gaming outside is what makes the cojones grow.

Newsflash: people are definitely getting laid off Tinder.

Sure, girls mostly use that app to quell boredom and get some validation while simultaneously window-shopping for Prince Charming / Chad Thundercock.

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Read up on a few threads, optimize your photos, and if you're not getting results than online is not for you. Don't hate just because you lack the confidence to approach women in the flesh, bud. Time is money, well except for some people who apparently have all day to wander around and ask for directions.

So much hate from butthurt guys who can't get results online recently on this forum, even from some veterans.

Adapt or die, fact is the bang for buck off online game is much higher then nightlife.

But there are definitely some girls that are on that app that are willing to meet up, and fuck, guys like me and you. Also the majority of the time guys do fuck girls every so often, the girls are generally at least 2 points below the guy, and in countries like Aus/NZ the guys who get girls don't realise how attractive they are(and how gross/mediocre the girls are).

That being said, reading Corsega's thread and others I don't think anything's impossible.

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