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It is our spiritual forefathers who delineated the differences between Scripture and non-canonical writings.Though they do not have the pleasure of hindsight, they ought to be given the benefit of placing the founding stones on which we rest.This tell us how fast we are at any point of the track and allows you to easily check and log any of the small incremental tuning gains The Vbox system consists of a master unit, mounted in the Megane behind the arm rest, a HD forward facing camera, a second camera looking into the car, two microphones and a GPS unit.The system knows which track it’s on automatically and records all the footage, sound and GPS data to a memory card, which we can stick straight into our laptops back in the pits.Though one may find errors within their logic and unbiblical viewpoints throughout their writings, the vast majority of them are men of God filled with a passion for Him.They are not simply philosophical thinkers with astute formulations of God, but men who seek His face more intimately than the day they first encountered Him.

As Gregory the Theologian states, "Theology reaches maturity by additions." It is the early church fathers who pinpointed the relationship between the Father and the Son.

We wanted a track day car that anyone could get in and drive quickly.

We initially thought of a low powered Caterham, but after a very wet and spin filled day at Goodwood we went back to the drawing board and decided we needed a hard-topped front wheel drive hot hatch.

The stock seats in our Megane were actually pretty great – Leather, grippy and comfy to boot.

But they can’t take a harness and at high cornering speeds didn’t grip enough for us.

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    Any model who earns at least 5,000 credits is automatically entered into a random draw for a cash prize.