Symantec anti virus problems updating remote

I will have to wait a couple of hours before I can reboot that server, otherwise I'm going to make a lot of people mad :) I am wondering what you mean by this: "On the client stations, does it show the client antivirus underneath the group?

" I'm remoted to one of the computers that received the client installation. The problem is I'm in the server's system console and there's only one group but none of those computers are within the group, and this is the server I selected to deploy the software with to the clients.

) The real-time scanning configuration was updated to ignore the v Disk cache (D:\.vdiskcache), which in theory is the only new element introduced by switching the cache from the server to the target, but this does not prevent the hang once the update starts (typically a few minutes after the main "Symantec Anti Virus" service comes up at startup).

My recommend would be to uninstall SEP (maybe any 3rd party security software) before doing the upgrade and try to re-install SEP after the upgrade.

Aurico: Same thing I responded to Adam Robinson with.When doing the remote install, did the System center tell you that the install completed without and problems?Also, after installing the System Center did you restart that server?Strange situation: Windows XP SP3 common image v Disk bootable to HP dc7900, HP dc5700 and VMWare target devices (on Provisioning Server 5.0 SP2). When running a private image instance of the v Disk, none of the three platforms exhibit any problems when updating their AV signatures.When running a standard image with cache on the provisioning server, no problems either on any of the platforms.

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