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The Carter Center's Conflict Resolution Program has been involved in attempting to resolve these disputes through support to the Sudan-South Sudan Dialogue Group, which is composed of prominent civil society figures and aims at creating a peaceful dialogue between the two countries in order to further normalize relations.

The contested area of Abyei, to which both Sudan and South Sudan lay claim, lies at the heart of current frictions.

John Garang to allow for the treatment of Guinea worm and other diseases, pilot the effort against river blindness, and provide an opportunity for children to be immunized against polio and other illnesses.

The "Guinea worm cease-fire" lasted almost six months.

In 2013, in partnership with the Future Studies Centre in Khartoum and the Ebony Centre for Strategic Studies in Juba, The Carter Center launched a series of non-governmental dialogues between prominent leaders from Sudan and South Sudan in hopes of strengthening peace and creating a lasting understanding between the two countries.

The initiative created a forum for key individuals to come up with ideas on what needs to be done in practical terms and in an achievable way. Lazaro Sumbeiywo, chief mediator of the 2005 Sudan Comprehensive Peace Agreement, and Ambassador David Kapya, special adviser to the former president of Tanzania, Benjamin Mkapa.

At present, the Dialogue Group primarily works to encourage at high levels the implementation of the 2012 Cooperation Agreements and other similar bilateral agreements between Sudan and South Sudan.

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The war in Darfur continues and, in 2011, a new war broke out in South Kordofan and Blue Nile, two states in the southern part of the new Sudan.

After more than 20 years of civil strife that displaced millions of Sudanese and resulted in the deaths of nearly 2 million people, the Comprehensive Peace Agreement brought hope for a transition from a state of conflict to development, democracy, and peace.

Calling for democratic elections throughout Sudan, the agreement offered a more transparent, representative political structure for all Sudanese.

Full diplomatic relations subsequently were restored between the two countries.

Following the signing of the Nairobi Agreement, the Center engaged intensively to ensure its implementation, convening a multitude of ministerial and security meetings between the two governments and other interested parties and making strenuous efforts, which unfortunately were ultimately inconclusive, to initiate dialogue between the LRA and the government of Uganda to end the conflict in the northern region of that country.

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