Speed dating addicting games

Based on an interactive exchange between the player and the date, the outcome is either another encounter with a chance to develop closer ties, or the end of the game (if the potential date is not interested).

Speed Dating is a free online game offered by Addicting Games.

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The Sim character and his or her date have a choice of several activities, including dinner or going to the beach.The player generates continued interest by performing acts that are pleasing to the date; these either relate to an interest of the character or are actions like buying flowers.Hot Date is an adult game, with the potential for blurred-out R-rated encounters (called "woo hoo") between the player's Sim character and one or more characters not controlled by the player.The next choice is a set of meeting places for the first encounter, including the beach, the university and a music store.The player then chooses from a selection of potential dates.

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