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Weather 2.0 isn't compatible with Windows Mobile Standard and requires a touchscreen.

Let me go ahead and say that SPB Weather 2.0(.95) isn't a mobile weather station that will give you National Weather Service data to let you forecast/track the weather.

Through the various Windows Mobile devices I've used and the hard resets I've performed, there are a few applications that always land on my phones. Not unlike other parts of the world, my home State of Alabama can have some rather active weather patterns and being able get a handle on the forecast while on the go is important.The 3D Globe is a nice feature that brings a "coolness" factor to SPB Weather.The Temperature view is a little confusing in that the temperatures are displayed by color patterns with the warmer climates in shades of red, the cooler in shades of blue.Weather 2.0 includes a noticeably larger city database that includes over 10,000 cities world wide.For my neck of the woods, more smaller towns are included to help make the forecast and data more accurate.

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