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Not that you’ll be doing much walking anyways- Hermosillo is an American style city built for cars. Head’s up-this state was the site of the worst environmental disaster in Mexican history, the 2014 Cananea mine spill which poisoned the Sonora River with massive quantities of heavy metals.It’s even more important here than in other parts of Mexico to drink bottled water. Hermosillo is forty minutes away from Kino Beach and an hour and a half away from San Carlos Beach, which is a beautiful.The capital of the desert border state of Sonora is not a beautiful city, but if you happen to find yourself there for a medium or long-term stay, you will love it. Arid desert with large temperature range depending on the season- but regularly 40 Centigrade (100 Fahrenheit) and above from May to September.Rainy season (occasional downpours) June to September.The Mexican guys will go after the white ones, but don’t blindly follow the crowd- the indigenous tribes of Sonora are some of the most beautiful and tall in the Americas. But an apartment on Airbnb will be between 15-20 for a solid place.NIGHTLIFE IN HERMOSILLO: 6/10Not anything to brag about. For bars, I recommend La Verbena, Barra Hidalgo, and Johnny Sailor.

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A reader who spent a considerable amount of time here was kind enough to submit a breakdown.With total planned capital expenditure of US9 million, ‘Puerto Libertad’ will enter service during the first quarter of 2019.- Related: Acciona, Tuto Energy secure US4 million financing to build solar farm in Sonora “To date we had never reached such a pace of activity in the construction of a photovoltaic plant.In ‘Puerto Libertad’ we have achieved very efficient working practices born of our experience in previous projects, and this has enabled us to complete the assembly of the plant in record time and also contribute to a major increase in our installed capacity in Mexico”, Acciona Energía México CEO Miguel Angel Alonso said in a statement.The construction of the plant created an average of 600 jobs, with activity peaks when more than 1,300 people were employed.

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