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When shared, the simple milkshake, stirred and whirred and blended into frothy bliss, has been the basis for many a romance. Robby took over Central Drug in 1996, and last year he realized that many of his customers would probably appreciate seeing some of the store’s original furnishings.

Robby Putnam keeps the history of Central Drug in photo albums, on walls, and in the nimble minds of longtime customers like 88-year-old A. Fortunately, Jessie stored them at his house instead of junking them.

Kids earn their first paycheck here; Robby hires two high school students every summer, and it’s the most sought-after job in town.

The counter buzzes with activity every afternoon after school.

He made nearly weekly visits trying to persuade Tricia to go on a date with him.

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I went back to the drugstore after I saw her at the bank and called her up.” She turned him down for a Friday night date. Undeterred, he devised a foolproof plan: He would call her at 9 p.m. If she didn’t answer, he would know she had concocted a story to avoid him. “She answered,” Andy says, “so I knew she’d really had plans with her family.” They’ve been married almost 27 years.I’m glad there hasn’t been a reason to, and in terms of taking Michelle Obama’s We Go High Route, it’s probably not the best move.I just think it’s such a glamorous and unnecessarily dramatic “F-you” that I’d like to experience before I die. The old Hollywood to have the opportunity, no way would I have the right drink in hand. Here’s my thought process: Prosecco is cute in theory but you can only drink from a fluted glass one of two ways: 1) really dramatically where your head tilts back to get the liquid in or 2) to avoid the dramatic pour-down-the hatch, you have to tuck your whole face back and it makes everyone look like a double-chinned turtle. Here’s the thing, though: the glass is impossible to drink from without spilling.If you’re on a first-name basis with Robby, then you’re probably also on a first-name basis with A. He remembers when Andy met Jane, and when Tricia met Dusty, and he probably knows why the fire truck is squealing and the news van is hovering. “I have one of those riding mowers.” He walks outside to his red pickup truck. I have never had to throw a drink in my date’s face.

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