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He has found his fellow Portland singles to be cliquish and standoffish, and he insists that some of the local women look "like ' Mad Max' extras." His final word on the subject:"Bars and clubs in Portland are like abstract art exhibits: full of grotesque objects that you're not allowed to touch."Of course, if you're a disgruntled young singleton like Forney, you might simply need to wait a while.With over 25 years of matchmaking experience, Portland Singles is Portland's premier matchmaking service for mature singles.Not every West Sider has a tolerance for the chaos and obnoxiousness that plagues the Old Town/Chinatown neighborhood on the weekdays, which means a classier joint that’s not quite a shirt-and-tie affair is bound to be appreciated.

The site claims it researched "population data of major U. cities, including the total numbers, the percentage of men, the percentage of women, the amount of single men, the amount of single women, the unemployment rate, the amount of people who have college degrees and more." OK.Loop lawyers and Wall Street mavens could be popping the question at record rates.(Seattle ranks third on Dating Advice's list, which could just prove that Microsoft nerds are too scared to talk to women.)Manly-man blogger Matt Forney, a Syracuse native who relocated to Portland expecting great things (he must read the New York Times), certainly isn't impressed with Portland's singles scene."Portland truly is a magnet for people who want to do nothing with their lives at all," he wrote last year, riffing off the "Portlandia" line.Our matchmakers are here to ease the dating process and save you time by hand selecting your match.Our extensive screening process allows us to ensure you are meeting high caliber singles who are ready to find a meaningful relationship.

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