Sharepoint 2016 organization browser not updating

Our zoom is smart enough to understand that text in boxes is not readable anymore.It hides all the information except employee names and enlarges it: It is important to have enough space to explore organization structure, especially for large organization structures.Org Chart can use Share Point user profiles, Share Point list or SQL table (external Share Point list) as a data source.It is quite easy to set up synchronization of Active Directory users with Share Point and see your organization inside the web part: We know from our experience that organization structures can be quite large.If you hover the mouse over an employee box, you will see a small drill down icon.Click on this icon and you will drill down to smaller org chart sub-tree.Installation and configuration takes a few minutes.Here is the link to installation instruction for Share Point Online and the quick web part configuration guide.

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Org Chart is configured with the help of the configuration wizard.

Is the branding look and feel drastically different in Share Point 2016?

Compared to Share Point 2013 and Office 365 – Share Point Online, it is not drastically different.

You can place Org Chart web part to a small region of page and use “Open full screen” button to get more space for navigation.

With this feature you can see only the information you need.

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