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We’re big advocates here for learning how to use what you have.It's all about positioning, angling, speed/depth/power of thrusting and paying attention to what works for your partner.Vaginas are, on average, 3-5 inches when the woman is unaroused, and 5-8 inches long/deep when the woman is sexually aroused.

No need to go deeper (and if your partner really likes it deep, then use toys for that).

You figure out what positions work best for your penis. Sure, some people feel they need a partner with a big penis. Some articles/videos you might want to check out: When we talk about body image issues, we usually think of women.

But everyone, no matter what gender they are, can have body image issues.

So if you see your significant other looking at porn that has people with totally different body types than you, in no way does that mean they’re not attracted to yours.

They’re simply attracted to a range, and you’re included in that range (or they wouldn’t still be with you).

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