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Chances are they will choose to keep looking over ever settling for anything less.

Always the cynic, Miranda was focused on her career as a lawyer, so she didn’t have much time for dating.

for the fictional newspaper the New York Star, anyone who’s on a quest to find “the one” can relate.

Carrie dated tons of men throughout the series, eventually settling down with the one who always seemed to get away (and come back), Mr. She was notoriously picky, and this quote perfectly describes what any single person who refuses to settle wants in a partner.

Leave it to Samantha, the sexually promiscuous and independent public relations professional to hold nothing back.

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Carrie really was a sort of dating poet, as this statement proves.Anyone who has ever tried to change themselves for someone else can relate, too.You know you’ve found “the one” when the person will love and accept you for the person you love and accept yourself for.The product of a privileged upbringing, Charlotte works in an art gallery, and in her youth, was the perfectionist sorority girl, typical prom queen, popular student who was involved in every sport and organization possible.Miranda would win any sarcasm race, always ready to provide a sharp comment and eyeroll.

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    Not to mention, everyone may randomly pair to others while logged out as well.