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You know better than me whether that’s likely (does he seem interested? ), but it’s something to keep in mind in the event that you try to pursue him and feel like you’re coming up against a brick wall. It hasn’t happened to me, but one of my friends is currently in that situation. Let me just start off by saying that at my junior prom, I ended up wearing the same dress as the freakin PROM QUEEN. the friends you’ll be hanging out with for most of the evening and taking photos with, etc) know what your dress looks like, and vice versa, so you can avoid getting the same gown. But anyway, as far as dates go, I think you should steal the date of one of the nasty girls who’s betting you won’t find one. (Sort of.) But really, sure, see if your out-of-town friend wants to make good on his promise—not because of the bet, but because you said you’d love to go with him.And if it’s really important to you, shop at a specialty shop that maintains a registry of which girls from which schools have purchased a given dress, so nobody ends up wearing the same thing. That should be your deciding factor; get a date or don’t, but whatever you choose, make sure it’s about you want to do and who you think you’ll have fun with, not a stupid bet made by a bunch of mouth-breathers.(Or maybe his friend can shed a little light on whether he returns your feelings.) Hey Auntie, this is a non-prom related quandary for you.

If you missed it or don’t have a fb, check out the transcript below. i am kind of a party animal so i like to dance and he just stood there… Not everyone wants the same thing out of prom—some people like to dance, some people are wallflowers, some people want to play hide-and-seek under the tables and throw pastries at each other in the parking lot. Would it be considered rude/improper to turn up in a knee-length or shorter dress? So, all your extremes are good: a floor-length evening gown, ballgown, tea-length dress in satin or taffeta, or a super-short formal minidress. SO basically he won’t date me just because he doesn’t want to be my brother’s brother.

I understand if you feel weird, but I’ve been completely over it for awhile now, and it would be cool if we could just be friends again.” Hopefully, seeing that you’re not dwelling on it will enable her to quit steaming up the room with her Awkward Fumes.

But if she keeps avoiding you, you’re probably gonna have to let this one go (or at least reevaluate your friendship.) Auntie, I have a really big problem. I’m going to highschool next year and it could help me experience with what I’m good at and with what I love. They think I should never let the man keep me down. High school and college are the perfect time for trying a bunch of different things and figuring out what you like, what you’re good at, and where your passions lie.

I think I can safely say that I’ve gotten over her, but, considering the fact that we used to be pretty close, I still really want to be friends with her.

So, from all this, two questions: How do I ask her why she’s been ‘avoiding’ me; and why is she behaving this way? There’s nothing worse than getting up the courage to ask someone out and not only getting rejected, but winding up with one less friend.

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