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She wanted to show off for them, be naked in front of them, tease their cocks hard, and make men out of them. Sue said that it was David and Sam that she would punish. She imagined David's big cock but needed Sam's enthusiasm.By the time she arrived to the office she was near orgasm. But she told them that no one should know or she'd have to tell their parents about peeking at her. This was new for them since it had all been an "oops" situation before. You are both getting it bare-bottom." The boys followed her.After watching the clip for a while, she points his finger and calls him to her bed.

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We can vote on who has the best body after you get a look." They both nodded. David and Sam silently walked them down the hall to watch Sue. As the door closed behind them, the air pressure pushed the door to Sue's room open. She took her free hand and slapped Sam's ass as he pumped her mouth. Sue's cunt made rude noises as the combined juices squirted from her hole. David took Sam's place and Sue pulled his face tight to her pussy.

Sue knew two boys were watching but thought it was David and Sam. "Maybe I should call my friends back over for some punishment too." Sam said. Sam pulled out, dropped to his knees, and sucked recklessly on her swollen clit. As she pushed her pussy to him, David trust his tongue in deep, lapping at her juices. Minutes later after they had cooled down, Sue said, "I hope you two learned something from this." The boys nodded seriously then looked at each other and laughed. Just hope she's not setting herself up for trouble later.

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