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Click on "Save" button and close the script window.// // Drag and drop the object called Archipelis Base you created at step 4 (it is in "My Inventory Objects".Script several linked prim sets to fly (loosely) as in a "flock" around a pre-set course.Low lag Follower script for birds, horse and other things that flock.// // You put a vector offset in the description of each "bird".They will follow that spot as an offset from a prim named 'Chaser'.//// The HUD positioner is designed to set the HUD into a 'preferred' position whenever it get attached.

Replace the definition of the script by a paste action.

You will see a line representing the edge of the 'normal' screen, and outside of it, hopefully, you will see the misplaced HUD.

// You can then grab it and move it back on-screen.

// See a description of this behavior using this script. It goes in multiple birds or other animal Whale global movement script.

This moves a fish ( or a whale) in a circular pattern with a inner circle.

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