Score dating game

Score Match is a brand new soccer game for Android from the creators of Score Hero game.

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You can open them instantly in exchange for gems or wait for few hours. These cards can be collected from free packages, goal packages, and from the arena boxes.

Perfect Score is an American game show in which contestants attempt to choose the most compatible person for themselves from a group of ten strangers based solely on first impressions and short questions in hopes of earning ,000. Two contestants, usually friends, take turns eliminating individuals of the opposite gender whom they feel they are not compatible with.

Each person of the opposite gender is assigned a dollar value for each contestant based on a compatibility test they took before the game began; higher dollar values indicate a higher compatibility, and lower dollar values indicate a lower compatibility. When three individuals remain, the two contestants choose which of the three they feel they are most compatible with.

Whoever said, ‘Love just happens,’ hasn’t been through the tedious job of going through numerous profiles that dating apps like Tinder, Hinge, or Happn cough up for a user’s approval.

They seem so superficial, forcing you to focus on a person’s outward appearance rather than their personality.

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