Ruining a friendship by dating totally international russian dating site

But if you can't stop focusing on the potential future turmoil, you should rethink moving along.

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Another question is what are some common signs that show that she may be interested in me? No matter what she says, keep treating her like your friend. Doesn't mean she now hated you, just that she doesn't want to date you.I usually say something like "Hey , I really value our friendship, and I would never want to jeopardize that, but I am interested in being more than just friends with you." You establish you're interested and by being open and direct you create a tone where she can be open and direct in return.I've asked out several close friends of mine this way, some have said yes, some have said no, all of them have remained my friend.’” Yes, you are taking a risk on your friendship by dating.Yes, depending on if and how you break up, you may not be friends in the end.

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