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Irving was a very astute businessman making the best of every opportunity afforded him.

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He had gained much experience in the manufacture of good quality china, having been in business with his father for many years. In 1907 Herbert Aynsley's youngest daughter married Hugh Irving, who was a sales representative for the Rubian Art Pottery Ltd in Longton.Lambeth, London and Nile Street, Burslem, Staffordshire, Great Britain. They took over an additional existing facility in Burslem in 1882. the capacity mark is at the front, with no line between the one and two and in litres NOT pints. Granted a Royal Charter they became Royal Doulton in 1901. German style stein made between 18, presumably made for export. This depicted two magpies which were reputed to have been seen at the christening of the Princess.HRH The Duchess of York was delighted with the design and purchased some of the china. The Queen (Mary) and other members of the Royal Family were attracted by the Paragon designs and regularly ordered it for use in their own households or as gifts for others.

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