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These multiple partnerships, sometimes defined as “stable bonds,” could consist of all heterosexual or all homosexual adults.

Consider the report, “Married lesbian ‘throuple’ expecting their first child.” (Translation: Three lesbian women from Massachusetts are in a polymarriage with one of them pregnant [thanks to donor sperm and intrauterine insemination] making all of them one big, happy poly-family of “expectant moms”!

) Or the polyamorous unit might be made up of a blend of adults who identify as hetero-, homo-, bi-, or transgendered-sexuals who—one can only speculate—stake out their respective times for sexual intimacy accordingly.

Polyamorists insist a polymarriage is different from an “open marriage” for at least two reasons.

Using twisted rhetoric not only to dismantle Judeo-Christian sexual mores but also to clear a path to the Supreme Court by making a bad lifestyle choice look good, an irrational plural “marriage” sound rational, and a sexual addiction appear healthy. Peruse the following poly-testimonial from the Huffington Post and judge for yourself.

(Imagine how easily the titillating rosey filter, tortuous conclusions, and bizarre neologisms of this narrative might trick a reader who’s short on vigilance into believing that wild approval of a husband’s infidelity is not only a sane move on the part of the wife, but her course of action.) I vividly remember the first time I felt it.

Mull over a sampler of poly-terms from the ever-expanding poly-lexicon—verbal sleights of hand all, describing poly-people and their choices as morally ambivalent, maybe. The form and substance of much of poly-ideology, synonymous with so much of our present-day perfect cultural storm, explains why it might just be the best catalyst to usher the polyamory petitioners into the grand Courtroom of the SCOTUS.

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Accordingly, what one sees is that PPs always and everywhere define and promote the poly-marriage in terms as normal as—or at least not any more abnormal than, and whenever possible as super-normal to—opposite- or same-sex “marriage.” To accomplish this—to “sell” polyamory as a morally legitimate lifestyle choice—and to nudge it closer to legalization, PPs are forced to do creative radical surgery on the English language. A poly-rhetorical landscape appears, post-surgery, replete with verbicides, half-truths, whole lies, doublespeak, oxymoronic neologisms, and “good ole snake oil salesmanship.” And all with the same outcome: to place polemical language at the service of a polyamorist ideology.While breakup rates are rather fuzzy, some poly-marriages last a decade, even two. First, as a “familial group” of more than two polyamorous adults who usually exercise their respective multi-sex partnerships under the same roof.The longest term poly-marriage reported—an outlier, for sure—was that of a husband and wife legally married for 40 years, where each spouse was “committed” to a relationship with a second partner for 20 years. Or, second, as a household consisting of polyamorous adults some of whom also opt to include their children within the menagerie.Weekends only , but the Mrs does like chatting and fl..A fairly mature and responsible man who's also up for some fun and experimentation!

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