Play boyish dating game

Your choices in action and dialogue could lead to you romancing that special someone.

For those that prefer to flirt with a virtual person instead of navigating the crazy world of online dating, these awesome games will touch your heart.

As you progress, you decide how you treat these boys and other people at the school.

*determined*Clash hear footstep and saw Caramel walking toward him, with her usual indifferent gaze. why have you called me here in the middle of the night, if you have something to say, you should just text me about it, right?

he fidget and shove the chocolate box to Caramel which surprise her.

"they went silent for a moment, Caramel blinks a few times... Caramel: You call me here in the middle of the night to give me a left-over?

it should have been fine if you just give it in a plastic bag or tomorrow in school. Clash: ............................................ =_=After that, goes back to their place, Caramel was a little bit confused why Clash face looks weird when he give the Left-over and after he gave it, he looks...

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