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I would say I'm quite shy, a little awkward in social situations and struggle to make friends in the real world. Im looking for an email friend to talk about whatever is the subject of the day whether it is a current event, thought or idea, or to just listen. However, the mind is still as active as ever and all important bits still work ! I have scientific background, mainly concerned with the food industry. Maybe you could help to point me in the right direction. I'm very easy going and you will have to work extremely hard to offend me. Since it seems more difficult than it should be to do this part I'll just be direct and to the point.

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It's flattering, in a way, that others find gay sexual identities and practices so intriguing.” Perhaps the appeal of gay male porn suggests a new, more diverse and independent, direction for the industry as a whole.

It’s great.” One of these ‘porn mums’ is 38-year-old Debbie, who runs fansite Foxygirls.

“I wasn't ever a great watcher of porn and felt shocked at how bad most of the heterosexual porn was," she tells me.

Are women becoming the oppressor instead of the oppressed?

Are we just fetishising another marginalised community?

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