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In early October, Papa Roach dropped a pair of new songs — "Who Do You Trust? " and "Renegade Music," but remained mum on the details of their new album. Now, they've released another new track, "Not the Only One" (heard below), and have confirmed the record will be called It comes out on Jan. 18 through Eleven Seven, will feature 12 new songs and the album art and track listing can be seen toward the bottom of the page. And Keagy was too, taking the fall from the charts with humble character, hinting that he had no real illusions that they’d ever manage to crawl back up the charts again.Instead, Night Ranger was the only gig he had-the same one which began under the name Rubicon several years before they changed the name to Night Ranger.

I feel like when we wrote the album [2004], it was a pretty bold evolution for the band, especially with a song like "Scars" at the time for our band. I sold just as quickly as I was swayed by its false promise.So to suggest that I was in awe of their presence would not be factual.But Murph is an unabashed collector, you see, shunning the digital realm even when a few clicks would provide him the entire Night Ranger catalog in a matter of moments, and he could do so without paying a dime.Murph is loyal too, he will buy duplicate copies of a title if the artist means a lot to him and he will get in great detail of manufacturing information on catalog numbers and quirky subtleties of the audio quantities of certain disc pressing plants.

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