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I hate to hype it up too much but every day you're not able to use the techniques I teach in Bang is another day you risk letting another girl you like get away. I started calling these "Rooshisms."Also you have a great writing style.Check out these three real reviews by guys who bought Bang... You don't try to sound stuffy or pretentious or high-fallutin'.Think back the past year or two to all the girls you were attracted to but didn't get.Perhaps it was a cute girl you saw in a bar or coffee shop but were too scared to approach, and then she left and you never saw her again.For her I imagine it was like winning one of those gigantic stuffed animals at the carnival.We went back to their apartment and in the same room, only a few feet apart, we had vigorous romance with our girls.

What I've learned from quizzing various women is that while they think I'm attractive or hot, I look too "nice", like I am going to buy a woman flowers and kiss her on the cheek after dropping a c note over a bad dinner and not ram their head into the headboard as I'm doing my best fido impersonation.I accepted my hand and settled for listening to his stories instead of making my own, living vicariously through his sexual adventures. I graduated from college, discovered game, and approached like an animal, working hard to improve my interactions with women.It didn't take long for enough successes to happen where I could tell him some hook-up stories as well.He had no reason to learn because his looks were good enough... The club closed and I went with my friend to the girl's house.Along with us was the ugly duckling who approached him in the beginning.

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