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Over time, the lack of connection and intimacy can lead to a worsening of ROCD symptoms and can even result in additional diagnoses, such as depression.If you find yourself constantly comparing your partner to everyone around you, despite loving them deeply, or you find yourself wracked with doubt and confusion about a relationship you are otherwise happy to be in, you are not the only one.By Sarah Fader Updated August 16, 2019 Reviewer Kay Adkins, LPC Relationships are difficult, and the transition period from the honeymoon phase of your relationship to a more settled, realistic phase can be challenging.Things that once brought a smile to your face can suddenly become irritating.Although therapy is usually necessary for at least a portion of treatment, there are steps you can take to help manage your symptoms and get your relationship (and anxiety) on the right track. This disorder may be responsible (at least in part) for the long-held notion of "cold feet" as people with ROCD are plagued with fears and suspicions that their mates are not the right fit.This can lead to endless cycles of drawing partners in and breaking up, or falling in love and reverting to only seeing their partners' flaws.Some people with ROCD will have both focuses wherein they feel fear regarding both their relationship and their partner, and these fears compound to create a truly difficult relationship.

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These people might engage in only passing relationships, avoid marriage, and avoid children, all to keep the anxiety and compulsions that arise in relationships in check.ROCD is a legitimate diagnosis and often requires treatment to alleviate the symptoms and habits associated with the condition completely. If it is all based on appearance or frivolous things, you'll know ROCD is rearing its head. If there is something in your relationship that isn't working, your partner may be able to help bring some clarity.Just as OCD can be treated and managed, so can ROCD. When you feel doubts creeping up about your partner or your relationship, take a few moments to sit down and truly think. Although it may seem strange, ROCD is not uncommon.Many people experience the symptoms of ROCD without knowing the cause and are able to reach out to seek treatment and heal from this form of OCD that targets and often breaks down relationships.One of the most common ways that people with ROCD stumble is through enabling behavior.

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