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Radioactive carbon (Carbon 14) is formed in the upper atmosphere as a byproduct of cosmic radiation.Cosmic rays are positively charged atoms moving at enormous speeds.The nitrogen atom, which began with seven protons and seven neutrons, is left with only six protons and eight neutrons.As the number of protons decides the chemical nature of an atom, the atom now behaves like a carbon atom.

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What effect would the declining strength of the earth's magnetic field and a catastrophic worldwide flood have on radiocarbon dates?

When they strike ordinary atoms in the upper atmosphere, the cosmic rays smash them apart. Some of these neutrons then collide with nitrogen atoms.

This collision is less destructive than the initial collision that produced them.

Surely 15,000 years of difference on a single block of soil is indeed a gross discrepancy!

And how could the excessive disagreement between the labs be called insignificant, when it has been the basis for the reappraisal of the standard error associated with each and every date in existence?

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