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After a warning notice, these have now been cleared.Patients told the News of problems accessing repeat prescriptions and missing letters.The newspapers are part of the Alexandria Digital Research Library (ADRL), UCSB Library’s home for collections of digital materials.“This project is deeply meaningful to me because I worked at the student newspaper for one year as an undergraduate,” Arnhold said.First, staff in SRC conducted an extensive inventory of student newspaper holdings in the Library’s physical collections.SRC staff then packaged all the issues together for shipping on pallets to a company in Utah that performed the digitization.

“This archive is a tremendous resource that not only serves as a unique history of UCSB and student life, but also allows students, faculty, and alumni to connect and reconnect with each other and the University,” said Kristin Antelman, University Librarian.

The company digitized the items as TIFF files, Rissmeyer said, then used special software to create fully text-searchable PDF files.

These digital files were transferred to hard drives that were shipped back to the Library along with the original physical copies.

The following titles are included in the digitized collection: Ben Alkaly, a UCSB alumnus who worked as a reporter at the Daily Nexus during the 1990s, mainly writing about sports, said that when he heard about the digitization project, he alerted a Facebook group of former Daily Nexus staff members (they call themselves “Nexites”). “It was still the print era when I was there, and we had a very primitive website,” said Alkaly, now communications manager at the UCLA Library.

Alkaly said that although former Daily Nexus reporters are a natural audience for the archives, the collection has value beyond nostalgia for “geeky journalists.” Santa Barbara’s main daily news publication, the Santa Barbara News-Press, “hasn’t always captured the pulse of the university as well as student journalists living there in the moment,” he said.

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