16 megabytes of RAM for operating systems such as Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows Me would be consumed.It needs a sound card with microphone and speakers to run.You can share an application, like a document or a graphic program, or you can share your Desktop (allowing others to give you support).Step 1: select the item to share Step 2: click on "Share"once the desktop or an application has been shared (indicated by the check-mark in front of the name in the list ), you can define , whether the other participants to the meeting can only view it or whether they can take control and then use their mouse and keyboard to control it.


90 megahertz of Pentium processor is required to install this software.

Then I will proceed to give my advice or help to solve the problems.

Windows Internet Explorer contains Net Meeting, allowing to chat and to view a common application.

Data Only) in this program since I do not use camera or microphone. You can easily check the Cable/DSL connection's WAN IP using My WANi P.

Note: Usually you can find the cable/DSL connection's Public IP from Ethernet or wireless router.

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