Multiple users updating excel spreadsheet

It's a master database for a project that we all are working on. So, now I want to restrict access when some one is in the file.

I have an excel file in a LAN drive that is shared by a couple departments. has restricted access to this folder to a handful of people who are intimate with this project. This project has live for a few months now, so there is no need for more than one person to be in the file at a time.I only want one user to be able to make changes at a time (any other users would get a read-only).For some reason it currently does not do this, and I have multiple users with the same doc open.I have made an excel file where other people have to go in and update it. Found others suffering the same but haven't found any conclusive answer yet.This process takes 2 secs but some people forget and stay in it over lunch etc causing a great annoyance. Im not concerned if they lose any data they've entered as I'm sure this will help them get the message to get out the file quicker.. Every so often when I attempt to save a file, (including save as), Excel won'r let me. Some days I can work without this problem, other days I encounter this 2 or 3 times.

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