Miley cyrus dating justin slovakia dating uk

These young actors shared a series of dance-offs via You Tube back in 2008.

The popstar’s never been shy to publicize her interest in girls, but this celebrity sighting kicked up a storm simply because it happened too soon after her relationship with Liam. This controversial celeb hasn’t been shy of a kiss or two, but it’s safe to say, that she has kissed all the frogs to find her very own princess! Or is Liam is her true soul mate in this timeline of relationship history?After the online attention, fans started to speculate that the pair were dating.We’ll never know if it was indeed true as the rumors were never confirmed or denied by either of the stars. But, jealousy soon swept in the way and tore their romance apart after Miley rekindled her friendship with ex, Nick Jonas.Join in on the conversation below to let us know what the ending of this fairytale will be…Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus' romance may not have lasted, but the songs it inspired definitely have lived on.

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