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(Resetting of a Lucius single released in 2017) Jess Wolfe: Nels Cline is a good friend of ours.

We've collaborated with Wilco over the years, thankfully.

It's just one of those songs that you forget about, and when you hear it, you are reminded of how damn good it is.I think this song was a little bit of a reflection on that.It can make you feel isolated and can perpetuate that sort of virtual living that we all take part in every day with the way that technology is and everything else.I was actually driving in Nashville — we had just finished our first leg of our U. tour with Roger Waters, and I decided to stay a couple extra days.I was driving with a friend in her old pickup truck, and it came on the radio. The last time I heard this song I said I was going to write it down and that we were going to cover it and I totally forgot." So I wrote it down and I went to Holly the next day and I said, "We've got to do this song." She loved it, and we were about to go into the studio to work on Nudes, so it was perfect timing.

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