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The registered titles can help you to reach an agreement, but only if this information has been added.

Boundary disputes can be complex and I always suggest getting some legal advice if a dispute is in danger of flaring up.

CB 10-codes and Q-codes give you the power to say a lot in the limited space available.

Use them wisely, and you'll not only communicate effectively but you'll also gain the respect of your peers.

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Outside of dabbling in recording and songwriting, he was an stage actor, advertising and television executive who built his reputation in the 1970s. Also, remember that the code 10-4 only means "message received". For "no", use "negative" or “negatory”.10 codes originated in the USA and are CB radio lingo mostly used in English-speaking countries.For instance, it may not show small juts in the boundary or bay windows.We can’t tell you which boundary feature you are responsible for either, though some registers may refer to this.They can’t solve the dispute for you though, so do remember if you can reach an agreement with your neighbour it can be a lot less stressful and certainly a lot less costly.If you want to get anywhere on CB, you have to be prepared to talk trucker talk, and that can mean learning a lot of rules of conduct.

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