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Your risk for endometriosis increases seven- to ten-fold with family history of the disease in a first-degree relative such as your mother or sister.There are no known measures that you can take to prevent endometriosis from developing.You'll soon see our name changing and our teams coming together in new ways to care for you.Explore our expanded capabilities: At our primary care clinics, you'll receive personalized care centered on what makes you well - from routine checkups to managing chronic conditions.Fairview and Health East have come together to care for you.You can now manage your health, find Health East and Fairview providers and clinics, and explore services and specialties.

Even with the help of robotic-assisted surgical technology, it is the skill and experience of the surgeon that is most important for a successful outcome.Medical School: University of Minnesota Hobbies: Sewing quilts, pillows, and clothing; I also like working with other materials and made a small wooden table and wooden wall decorations; scuba diving; biking around the lakes; caring for my cats; playing video games Hometown: Madison, WI Medical School: Medical College of Wisconsin My medical interests and career direction are: Pending!I love public health, health literacy, advocacy, and social media, which I hope to incorporate in my career no matter what I practice.Surgical management of endometriosis is largely focused on the destruction or removal of all visible endometriosis lesions.Surgical cauterization or ablation involves superficial destruction of the lesion without exploration of the underlying tissue.

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