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" Liam and I chatted for only five minutes but in those five minutes I made sure to do the following: – Make fun of his accent (midwest…he said "pop" instead of soda) – Backhand compliment his suede shoes in the rain – Sarcastically poke at his career (architect — I didn't know architects existed outside of romantic comedies) Within minutes, Liam was hooked.Look at the required characteristics to see if you are missing any.Acquiring them will increase your chances of success but there are no guarantees. They allow you to follow directions from choreographers, directors or producers.I'm a pretty emotionally sensitive person (seriously, I cry at everything and don't like seeing people eat alone) so to be mean to someone's face was going to be new for me. So many men have negged me at different points in my life that it's time they had a taste of their own fuckboy medicine. I contemplated it but tbh I have a strict number of finance bros allowed inside of me each year and I've already met that quota.There's nothing I hate more than a guy who knows he's hot. My next victim was a cute guy named Liam who was wearing a basic t-shirt while drinking a Blue Moon with his friends. My friends and I were trying to take a selfie (basiccccccccc) when Liam noticed.

They have to be willing to travel to auditions and performances.

Performers need self-discipline to continuously work on their craft.

They can't get discouraged by rejection even after going on countless auditions.

You may be a talented singer, musician, actor or dancer but your answers indicate you don't have the attributes needed for a professional career. They audition frequently and repeatedly get rejected. Superior listening skills allow them to take direction from choreographers, producers and directors.

If you truly have your heart set on becoming a paid performer, learn what they are and see if you can acquire them. They must be able to quickly learn and memorize scripts, dance routines, music and songs.

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